Portsmouth Virginia May Soon Get a Casino

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Local residents in Portsmouth, Virginia are of the mind that a new casino may be coming to the Olde Towne in the very near future, and the Vice Mayor has stated that it is likely to be the case that a new casino will be approved dependent on just what type of gambling legalisation is passed by the General Assembly later this year.

Whilst there are, of course, mixed views on whether Portsmouth really needs a casino from locals, there are many people who are of the mind that it would be the ideal boost to the economy and would be another place for locals and visitors to the area to visit.

Then there are the employment opportunities that such a venue would offer local residents too, and the tax burden on locals could also be reduced if a casino resort was given the green light, or at least the city’s coffers would be greatly enhanced by a revenue share deal with any new casino.

It is true to say that a great deal of effort has gone into bringing Downtown Portsmouth back to life and the city is busy working on a range of new commercial, residential and entertainment opportunities for that part of the city.

The possibility of a casino being given approval does still remain in the hands of the General Assembly members, and whether or not they will indeed give the green light for such a property remains to be seen, but most local residents are of the mind that it would be crazy to miss out on the opportunities and financial benefits that such a venue would offer the city as a whole.

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