Prairie Band Casino and Resort Initial Remodel Complete

Prairie Band Casino Remodel

The Prairie Band Casino and Resort in Mayetta was beginning to show its age, and thanks to the completion of the initial stage of a huge remodelling program the casino has a fresh new look and feel to it, and one that visitors are likely to appreciate.

There has been some major changes put into place over the last few months, and they have been completed just in time for the casinos 20th birthday.

The hotel lobby, for example, has been completely spruced up and is now warm and welcoming, and the gaming floor is a sight to behold too, for whilst once it could have been described as dimly lit and dreary, the new lighting scheme and much brighter design does make it a place players will likely enjoy.

The remodel of the Prairie Band Casino and Resort has, however, not been fully completed yet, for the company that owns the property is planning on building a much bigger parking garage that will accommodate an additional 500 vehicles, and they are also planning a new tower with 75 additional rooms, and are also planning on upgrading the Buffalo Grill, too. In total, some $55 million has been set aside to completely renovate the venue.

A new coffee bar has also been opened, allowing visitors to grab a coffee to their own personal tastes at any time of the day or night and the main bar area has also been given a complete makeover too, which gives it a much more welcoming feel.

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