Prison Bosses Slammed for Offering Inmates Bingo


Prison bosses in the UK have been slammed for the cushy time prisoners appear to have at one of the UK’s many prisons, that being HMP Leyhill in Gloucester, for it has been revealed that those that have been sent there and locked up have access to a range of services and facilities that law abiding people often cannot afford.

Playing bingo is often a once a week treat for many people, however, inmates at HMP Leyhill have access to a day centre at the prison which amongst other things gives prisoners access to bingo games, cooking lessons and embroidery lessons, too.

Locals call the prison HMP Cushy, for those who are sent there do appear to have the time of their life, with the prison itself being set in some stunning ornate gardens in which tennis courts, a football pitch and hockey pitch are to be found.

The prison houses mainly those prisoners that have been found guilty of sex attacks and those that have been given life sentences too, and “celebrities” that have fallen foul of the law, such as Rolf Harris and Max Clifford have spent some time in the prison.

It really is unbelievable that the prison resembles a holiday camp rather than a prison, however, authorities state that most prisoners are aged 50 and over, and the way the prison has been designed and how it is run helps with their mental health.

So the next time anyone out there is unable to afford to spend an evening playing bingo, going to the cinema or wishes to play football, hockey or tennis or for any reason is unable to, just think that law abiding citizens tax money is being used to give the inmates at HMP Leyhill a very enjoyable time.

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