Progressive Jackpot Games to Play in the New Year

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As most people have a day off today, there may be a strong chance that many people will turn their attention at some point during the day to having a little gamble online.

There are, of course, more than enough casino styled games available online these days. However, it is always worth players keeping an eye on the progressive jackpot awarding games that have overdue jackpots attached to them.

As for just which casino games have overdue jackpots currently, well there are quite a number of them. The first being Mega Moolah slot. That slot has four jackpots on offer all of which are awarded by a randomly awarded wheel spinning based bonus game.

Its current jackpot is valued at over $/€/£14,993,330 and as it usually pays out at around the average jackpot of $/€/£5,396,896 it may just be worth firing a few coins in today.

The Poker Ride game which, for the record, is another Microgaming designed progressive jackpot awarding game currently also has an overdue jackpot. That jackpot is valued at over $/€/£210,591 which is considerably more than the amount it is usually hits at which is $/€/£173,599.

Video poker players should also be looking to play the Jackpot Deuces game at some point today if not in the next few days, for that jackpot is surely about to hit at some point in time, its current jackpot is a whopping $/€/£46,180 and is rising quickly, and the average amount it pays out via its jackpot hand combination is some $/€/£36,375

One final slot that has always been famed for its regularly awarded progressive jackpot is the Cash Splash slot, which currently has a jackpot valued at some $/€/£26,599 which is more than its average jackpot payout amount, that being $/€/£22,517.

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