Quapaw Nation Planning New Tri-State Casino

casino card table

The Quapaw Nation are very eager to open a new Tri-state casino, which if permitted to go ahead will have its parking lot in Arkansas, the casino will be in Oklahoma and the adjoining RV park will be in Missouri!

Whilst the plans for that new casino are in the early stages of development, if all does goes to plan and permission is granted then it will be the third casino under the control of the Quapaw Nation, one of which is the impressive Downstream Casino Resort in Oklahoma.

The tribe are hoping to turn a huge 200 acres of land into the new casino, which will be called the Saracen Casino Resort, but there is some secrecy surrounding the exact location of that proposed new property.

What is known though, is that it will be built along the same lines as the Downstream Casino Resort which has a huge gaming floor of some 70,000 square feet and offers gamblers the full gaming experience and one in which they can play all manner of casino games from slot and video machines to card and table games.

The one hurdle they do have to negotiate if the new casino is to be given the green light, is to get approval from the Arkansas Racing Commission, and that is something they are hoping to have secured by mid-March 2019.

It is hoped that the main casino and restaurant facilities could be opened to the public within as little as ten months of the required permissions being granted to build the venue, so if all goes to plan it won’t be very long before that casino is both built and open!

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