Renovations Continue at the Flamingo Las Vegas


The Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas has been recently going through something of a remodel, and it is their once very dated hotel rooms and suites that have been going through a major overhaul and have been brought bang up to date and back to life.

Their 1270 rooms and suites were given a major refurbishment which was completed back in April, however they have just announced that a range of brand new Bunk Bed Rooms are going to be available as part of the second stage of those room upgrades.

If you are unaware of what Bunk Bed Rooms are, they are simple hotel rooms in which you are going to find many more beds designed as double, queen and even king sized beds presented in a bunk bed style.

That does of course mean if you have a large family or a group of friends who fancy all staying in the same room, and in a very cost effective way, then you should be looking at booking those rooms, as they can, and will, accommodate many more people than that of standard Vegas hotel rooms.

Those bunk bed rooms over at the Flamingo Casino are not yet available, however they will be from the 1st of February next year, and you can take a look at them and also book in advance by visiting the Flamingo Casino website.

Being available at rates starting at just $115 per night, they are cost effective and a great way to stay in the heart of Vegas with plenty of friends or family members in a very cost effective way.

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