Resorts Casino Tunica Winding Down to a Full Closure

Closed sign on a shop window

It was always going to be a gamble, that being the purchase by Penn National Gaming back in 2017 of two casinos in Tunica County. For the two casinos that gaming company bought and took over were struggling at the time.

But it looks like the Resorts Casino Tunica cannot possibly be saved now, as Penn National Gaming have just announced that they are closing it down at the end of June this year.

The news was greeted with sadness if not surprise by the employees that work there, for they will have known its long term financial viability was not something they could rely on. However, those employees are hoping that they will be relocated to the two other casinos Penn operate in the County.

That closing will mark another very sad decline in the area, for there had been nine casinos operating there, but over the last few years two others have closed down. That leaves just six of them operating once Resorts Casino shutters its doors, and there are no guarantees that number will not decrease further moving forward in the years ahead.

Tunica Country did have its boom years regarding gambling throughout the 1990’s for it was in 1992 the county legalized casinos, and at its peak in 2001 a huge 13,000 people were employed in the industry. However, that number has decreased noticeably recently with around just 5,000 people now employed in the gambling industry.

Admittedly, the Resorts Casino Tunica did face some very stiff competition, in fact being the smallest casino in regards to slot machines and table games after only the Tunica Roadhouse Casino, which Caesars Entertainment closed back in January of this year, it was probably only a matter of time before it closed down too.

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