Resorts World Vegas Hit With Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

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Anyone who does visit Las Vegas currently is going to see a lot of building work in process, with many once stalled building projects now springing back to life as the American economy begins to boom once again.

In fact, the Resorts World project which is due to open in 2020 is now fast taking shape having been sat idle for far too long. However, as it has been taking shape the management team over at the Wynn and Encore casino resorts over the road have noticed a familiar look and feel to the building of that huge property.

The similarities between the new Resorts World property and the Wynn and Encore are so striking that the parent company of the latter named casino resorts has decided they need to act quickly to stop any confusion for customers of that new casino resort and theirs.

They have, in fact, just filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit in which they proclaim that Resorts World must be trying to confuse visitors to Vegas that the soon to be opened resort is in some way affiliated or connected to the Wynn and Encore.

It is the actual design elements, which include a curved facade coupled with the fact the new hotel at Resorts World will have bronze glass that does appear to be worrying the Wynn and Encore bosses.

Whether or not the alleged confusion is intentional or not, it isn’t as if the owner of that new resort is a fly by night company or one that needs to confuse the public, for it is the Genting Group who own that resort and they are a huge company and one with a rock solid reputation too, and are pumping over $4billion into the project.

It will be interesting to see what, if any, action the judge that hears the case does order, if there is indeed an infringement of the copyright of the design of the Wynn and Encore.

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