Revamp at Starlight Casino at West Edmonton Mall almost Complete

Starlight Casino

A huge $57 million has been spent giving the Starlight Casino at the West Edmonton Mall a complete makeover, and in a couple of days time the doors will once again swing open, and it appears customers cannot wait for them to do so.

It had often been the case that players felt hemmed in at the casino, for its original footprint was just 9,300 square metres, and at times when the casino was at its busiest that is when players would find themselves short of space and battling for a spot at the slot machines and card and table games.

However, thanks to the revamp the casinos gaming floor has now been increased in size to some 15,000 square meters and as such there is much more room for players.

What is new on that gaming floor however is the Replay Arena, and that is where players are going to be able to play a range of different card and table games but from their own electronic consul, players can choose the games they want to play when sat at those small personal tables and then watch the action unfold on the large video screens in front of them.

The aim of the revamp is to hopefully attract a much younger demographic of player, and whether that will be what happens does remain to be seen of course. However with their own resident DJ banging out tunes at the busier times of the day and night and the party atmosphere the venue promises to deliver, it is a fair bet they will start attracting the younger clients they are eager to attract through their doors!

A range of brand new and never seen before games awaits customers when the venue reopens, and it is certainly a venue to visit if you are in town and fancy taking your chances playing the 768 slot machines or giving those interactive table tables a try.

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