Risks Associated with High Variance Slot Machines

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It is hard to miss slot machines, such as any of the series of Buffalo slots, that most, if not all, land based casinos across the USA have dotted around their gaming floors. However, there is one common feature that those slot games all share.

That is a high variance type of playing structure, which if anyone out there is new to the world of playing slots means that when playing they are designed in such a way that on any base game spin or once their bonus games have triggered it is possible to spin in a huge paying set of winning combinations.

However, there is a price to pay for the chance of winning big, and that is the frequency of players spinning in the lower valued winning payout is low, but some casinos do increase the payout percentages and make some high variance slots their loosest slot machines

By designing those slots and all other high variance slot machines in such a way that players do not spin in lots of lower valued winning combinations, this is how the slot can then occasionally award some mega amounts of cash.

That does though, mean that as far as slot machines go, those that do boast any type of high variance playing structure and format can be rather hungry slots regarding players stakes, and they really can eat up even the largest of bankrolls if players play them for too high a stake level.

Therefore to negate the risk of busting out a bankroll at lightning speed when playing such slots and the winning spins are not appearing, players are always strongly advised to play them for low stake amounts, as that way at least they will get plenty of base game spins from their bankrolls.

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