Roadhouse Casino Tunica Begins to Wind Down

Measuring passing time

The clock is now ticking regarding the number of days that the Roadhouse Casino in Tunica has left in operation, for Caesars, the company that owns that casino, has announced that it will be closing at the end of the month.

It is in fact the second casino that Caesars own in Tunica that they have decided to close, leaving just one casino. However, whilst that is going to deal a massive blow for the employees that will be laid off, it is a decision that they had to make to ensure the survival of that last casino.

Tunica is located in the state of Mississippi and at one time it was the third largest gambling destination in the U.S. with just Atlantic City and Las Vegas proving to be more popular places to visit for gamblers.

The closure of several casinos in and around the area has led to some 4000 fewer jobs, and with gambling revenues dropping and the huge drop in visitor numbers one must ask whether those few casinos that remain are going to be financially viable for much longer.

Whilst it is often the case that some casinos can and do survive quite well thanks to the local community visiting their properties, with the county experiencing poverty rates of 29%, much higher than in many other US states, those casinos that do remain there do not have a stable enough local marketplace to rely on.

It will be a matter now of wait and see after the Roadhouse Casino closes to find out if the last remaining Caesars owned property sees an upturn in income allowing it to secure the long term success of that property, or whether it will go the way of the rest and close down.

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