Rolling Reels and Avalanche Features Offer More Ways to Win


A sharp learning curve is often what novice slot players are going to have to go on when they first set about playing any type of slot, as each will be offering them something completely unique.

There are a couple of playing structures which really have proven to be hugely popular with such players, and they are known as the Rolling Reels and the Avalanche playing structure.

They both work in a very similar way, and what will happen when playing such slots is that as soon as a player has manages to line up a winning combination on any of their activated pay-lines they are initially awarded the winning payout for those wins.

The reel symbols though that did form those winning combinations then get removed from the screen itself, and as such there will be gaps in view on the screen. The reel symbols which are located above those now missing symbols then drop down one at a time to fill the gaps, which could result in additional winning combinations then being formed.

Some slots offering such playing formats will have a multiplier that could kick in, and as such any additional winning combinations formed get boosted by the value of the multipliers.

Players are going to find plenty of new slot machines from IGT, however, it is on many of their older styled video slots such as their ever popular Da Vinci Diamonds slot that such a feature can be found, so that is a slot players should be on the lookout for if they fancy trying out that Rolling Reels feature themselves. 

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