Roulette Royale Jackpot Rapidly Increasing in Value

Casino Roulette Games

With a huge progressive jackpot up for grabs on it, the Roulette Royale game designed and developed by Microgaming is a extremely popular, however unlike most other roulette games players are forced to place a 1.00 side bet when playing.

The way that game has been designed is that as soon as a player gets the same number spinning in at least two times on the trot they then start to be awarded with a range of bonus winning payouts for that side bet wager.

The progressive jackpot attached to the roulette game variant has been growing in value for well over 625 days now, and as such the value of that jackpot is a whopping £291,706, and surely it must be won one day soon.

It should be pointed out though, that the last time a player won its jackpot was a whopping 1232 days ago and the jackpot paid out that day was a huge £387,759.

To win the jackpot a player must see the same number spinning in five times in a row, which is some mean feat.

There are three other bonus winning payouts that players could be awarded with, the first is a £15.00 payout when the same number spins in twice in a row, the next payout is a much higher £200.00 when the same number spins in three times consecutively and when the same number spins in four times a £3000.00 bonus payout is awarded.

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