Roulette System Player Banned for Winning Too Much

Roulette wheel with a bright and colorful background

It has been a casino table game that has been around for years, and Roulette does of course come with its own built-in house edge, and as such over the long term a casino is expected to make a profit from all regular Roulette players.

However, over in Birmingham in the UK, it would appear that one casino doesn’t like the gambling system adopted by one such player, who has, to date, won over £70,000 at that casino and other casinos but using what that player claims is one of the most successful Roulette betting systems ever devised.

That player is one Balvinder Sambhi, and the management at his local casino, that being the Broadway Casino have decided the only way to limit their losses on their Roulette tables is by banning him from the property.

Sambhi has been a regular visitor to the Broadway Casino since June 2018 and has been doing very well playing their single zero European Roulette games, which have a built-in house edge of some 2.70%.

However, having recently been banned from the casino he decided to go public on his banning, for recently he has also been banned from the local Grosvenor Casino along with the Rainbow Casino in Edgbaston, in which he has also had a terrific level of success.

All casinos that he has been banned from have chosen not to comment on the reasons why he has been banned from entering the casinos, which does lead one to believe his system does look promising, however many experienced players do question whether anyone can devise such a system, especially on a casino game that does come with a fairly high built in house edge.

He claims to have had only 19 losing days out of 320 days gambling, and initially started with just a £200 bankroll, he has written a book detailing his system which is called Breaking the Roulette Wheel.

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