Santa Ana Star Casino and Hotel to Open a Sportsbook

New Santa Ana Star Casino

We have been reporting recently on quite a lot of land based casinos spread all over the US that have been taking advantage of the Supreme Court ruling back in May of this year, that enables them to now open up sportsbooks inside their venues, if their respective state regulators permit them to be do so.

Another casino has recently joined what appears to be something of a mad rush of land based casinos in America to get the licenses in place to operate such venues in their properties, and this time it is the Santa Ana Star Casino and Hotel in New Mexico that will be opening one real soon.

It is expected that casino will be good and ready to start accepting any type of sports bet by the 16th of October, and the casino management have been training up their soon to be opened sportsbook staff, teaching them how to accept such bets and get their heads around some of the much more unusual bets and wagers they will be accepting from that day forward.

Rather than take the plunge at operating sportsbooks themselves, what many land based casinos owners and operators have been choosing to do is to sign up a third party company to operate their sportsbooks for them, as experience does count for a lot when it comes to operating a successful and profitable sportsbook.

The Santa Ana Star Casino will be using the services of USBookmaking, as their sportsbook partner and the director of operations for USBookmaking has said that gamblers will be able to bet on absolutely anything in that soon to be opened sportsbook, with the only exception being any high school related sporting events.

Once the sportsbook does open in a few days you can bet that many other casinos in and around New Mexico will set about opening their own sportsbooks too.

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