Second Shooting at Station Casino Owned Property


It was on the 1st of January that security guards shot and killed a man over at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas. The man shot and killed was Shannon Michael Howell a local man, who guests of the resort had seen holding a handgun.

Security guards confronted him and it was once he had raised his gun at them that they opened fire and killed him.

However, reports are coming in that another shooting has occurred at another Station Casino owned property a few hours ago, that being the sadly aptly named Wild West Casino on Tropicana Avenue.

It appears at that incident two men had been having an argument when one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other man hitting him in the arm.

Security personal at the casino were quick to respond to the incident, and one of them shot at the suspect who was at the time making his escape. He has yet to be indentified or found and was last seen heading along Interstate 15 in a southerly direction.

Incidents such as these are quite rare in and around Vegas, however as shown in both incidents security personnel were quick to respond, which is a credit to the team over at Station owned properties, who have always been on the ball and fast to react to any reported incidents in or around their properties.

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