Sensory Features Inside Casinos Lead to Bad Decision Making

Casino Sounds Lead To Bad Decision Making

Wander into any Vegas Casino and there are many things you are not going to see, windows for example are rarely if ever found inside such places, for the operators and owners of such venues do not want you to have any idea of whether it is night or day.

Clocks are something else you will often find missing from a casinos gaming floor, however, if you are bereft of a watch and need to know the time you can always cash out your balance from the gaming machine you are playing and check the time of your cash out ticket.

However, a report just released from the University of British Columbia states that the lights and sounds inside a casino can often lead to players and gamblers making bad decisions, and much riskier ones too.

That report does state that audio and visual features which are always found inside casinos can and do influence a gambler decision on which games they play, rather than the actual win odds associated with such games of chance.

That in turn can, and does, they state lead to people often gambling more money than they initially intended to, or they could end up playing games which boast unique sounds and images which offer poor payback odds.

Lets face it though, when you step foot inside any casino you are always going to be drawn towards playing slot machines, for example, that you do like the look of, and if they are playing catchy tune and have animated graphics and images as you play them, you are going to be more likely to want to continue playing them.

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