Singapore Casinos Maybe About to Trial Spending Alerts

singapore skyline at night

Gamblers in Singapore already face some hefty fees and charges simply for visiting a land-based casino, for it costs casual gamblers $150 each time they visit such a venue, or for regular gamblers they can opt to pay $3000 per year for an annual entry pass.

However, ever eager to offer as much protection to the gambling public as is possible, the Singapore Casino Regulatory Authority have been looking at other ways, other than simply entry fees that they can ensure gamblers visiting a casino have access to as many tools as possible to help them control their spending.

It would appear that a soon to be tested out tool will be onscreen messages that will alert gamblers playing any type of gaming machine just how much they have spent on any one single session, and players of such machines are also going to be able to set their own gambling limit settings too.

That system is one that all UK Gambling Commission licensed online and mobile casino sites and apps are legally required offer their customers, and as such UK based gamblers can select a deposit limit, loss limit and also set just how much time they wish to gamble for before they actually make any casino deposits and start to play.

Such systems are also being instigated at other land based and both online and mobile casino sites and apps across the globe, but whether they are truly going to be beneficial for gamblers time will only tell.

But at the end of the day it will be the attitude of gamblers as to whether they are going to make use of such gambling limit option settings in Singapore if they do come into force, but it is certainly a system that warrants merit.

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