Slot Machine with the Easiest to Hit Jackpot Revealed

Box covered with golden fabric.

When playing slot machines, people are, of course, always hoping that at some point in their playing session they will line up on an activated pay-line the jackpot paying winning combination.

Much more so when they are playing progressive jackpot awarding slots, however the chances of winning such a jackpot are tiny and that is obviously why the progressive jackpots on offer on most slots are truly enormous.

However, with there being thousands upon thousands of video slots that offer their own respective jackpots, over the years players have discovered that some slot machines, by their very design, offer players the very best chance so walking off with a jackpot payout.

Knowing just which slots to play to have a much increased chance of winning a jackpot is difficult, for things that need to be worked out are the length of each reel strip and also the number of jackpot symbols attached to each individual reel.

But, there is one slot machine that is available online that does offer by far and away the very best chances of hitting its jackpot and that slot is the Moonshine slot that is one of Microgaming’s 25 pay line video slots.

When players set about playing that slot and play it with all 25 pay lines in live play the overall chances of them spinning in the jackpot paying winning combination, which is awarded for spinning in 5 of the wild symbols on any pay line is one in 60,515 base game spins.

So that is certainly one slot players should set about tracking down and playing, especially as the jackpot is a high 8,000 coins for each coin per pay line wagered.

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