Slot Players Need to Avoid Chasing Illusive Jackpots

woman on slot machine

It can be so tempting for slot players to jump onto any slot machine that is displaying a huge progressive jackpot, especially when they have just heard of a recent huge slot machine progressive jackpot winner.

The problem with any slot machine that has got one or more jackpots, is that player’s stakes are being used to feed the jackpot pools, and the more jackpots there are on a slot the bigger percentage of a player’s stake is often used to feed those jackpots.

Therefore it is common knowledge to experienced slot players that the base game payout percentage of progressive slots can be much lower than when playing a non-progressive jackpot awarding slot, and the lower the payout percentage the fewer winning spins a player will experience.

Obviously, there is the chance of winning a life changing jackpot when playing such a slot, however the higher the jackpot is the much lower the chance of a jackpot being awarded on it, and often there can be months and in extreme cases years between such jackpots being awarded.

As such any players out there who may be thinking about playing slot machines, and in any playing environment should actively track down those which have a high long term expected payout percentage,

By playing such slots more of their stakes will be paid back out to them as winning payouts over the long term, and player’s stakes will not simply be used to feed those huge and very often illusive mega sized jackpots.

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