Slot Players Unaware of Pre-Determined Bonus Games

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Many Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities have brought in some very strict guidelines recently that give online casino players a much deeper insight into the games they can play, and many of them now also demand that casino sites and apps have player protection featured and option settings available to players.

Therefore, nowadays you will often find the payout percentages that each casino game has been designed to return to players  listed somewhere on the websites of fully licensed and regulated casino sites and apps, allowing players to know in advance just which games are the higher paying ones.

Players can also set their own gambling limits when they log into most casino sites and apps, so have full control over their potential loss limits and can also set their own deposit limits too.

However, perhaps slot machine designers should also give a much clearer insight into the way in which some slot game bonus games and bonus features play off, for there is a chance some players could be misled into believing they have a chance of winning a high valued winning payout from a bonus game or bonus feature when the opposite is in fact true.

Take for example the pick and win and pick and match type of bonus games that many slot machines have on offer. Many of those bonus games once triggered are not completely random but have a pre-determined outcome.

The way in which players can currently tell if a pick to win or pick to match bonus game is completely random or not, is once they have made their final pick from the bonus game screen.

If the slot game then reveals to players the cash values or progressive jackpot logo symbols that were hiding behind each of the locations on the bonus game screen that were not selected by a player, then that bonus game was indeed completely random.

But if those cash amounts and/or progressive jackpot logos are not revealed then that bonus game was pre-determined long before you set about playing it off!

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