Slots Like Alpha Eagle

Alpha Eagle

I have found several games which offer higher than average RTPs, and as such the slots that are like Alpha Eagle in that resect include King Carrot, Cash Quest, and Joker Bombs.

It really can pay dividends for you to take a little time out when you are in a slot playing frame of mind and study the data all casino sites and game designers put out there, especially when it comes to things such as payout percentages.

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That way, by studying such data you will be able to work out for yourself just which slot machines by their very design have much higher RTP’s attached to them, and those obviously should be the ones you aim to play for real money.

As for the Hacksaw Gaming designed Alpha Eagle slot, that games payout percentage has been verified as being a more than generous 96.26%, and below I will walk you through some alternative slots from that game studio that also have similarly high RTP’s too.

Some Slots that are similar to Alpha Eagle are:

  • Joker Bombs
  • King Carrot
  • Cash Quest
  • Rocket Reels
  • Stick ‘Em

Joker Bombs

Joker Bombs Paytable

The range of Hacksaw Gaming slots really do stand out and thanks to their unique playing structures and formats, no two slots are identical, however one thing that does make Joker Bombs a similar slot to Alpha Eagle is its higher than average RTP.

That long term expected payout percentage is a very respectable 96.48% and whilst obviously you will never know in advance whether you are going to have a winning slot playing session or not, over your long term play on both slots, you will achieve many more winning payouts than you ever could when playing lower paying slot machines online, or even on a mobile device.

One way that I just know this slot is going to help you achieve plenty of higher valued winning payouts and hopefully help you get a high RTP on any one single session you play, is via the multipliers that can make an appearance on the screen as the slot is playing off, so do keep your eyes peeled for those.

King Carrot

King Carrot Paytable

There will be so many fun to play slot machines that you will come across when playing at any casino site with the range of Hacksaw Gaming slots on offer, you will not know which ones to play first, but my advice as always is to stick to playing those with the highest possible paybacks.

So, with that in mind one good alternative to the Alpha Eagle slot worth tracking down and play is King Carrot, and I say that as its pay table has been designed that it is going to payout 96.30% or players combined stakes as winning payouts over the long term, and that is one decent return to player by the way.

Cash Quest

Cash Quest Paytable

It is amazing to think that UK fruit machines used to boast payout percentages around the 72% mark, and as such if you are from Great Britain and were around in those days you will be impressed to learn that slots like Alpha Eagle now boast much better returns.

Take for example the Cash Quest slot, having put that slot game through its paces myself I was impressed with the way that it plays and pays, and you will be pleased to learn if you decide to play it yourself, that it comes with an RTP of 96.32%.

The only way that you are going to have more profitable slot playing sessions though is by setting yourself some limits and not only have your own personal loss limit in mind, but also try and set yourself a modest winning goal as well.

Once you reach your winning goal then get into the habit of cashing out your winnings and ending your session, for its better to walk away a winner of course, than lose back any and all winnings you achieved during your gaming session, so when you win stop playing and cash out is always my slot playing advice.

Rocket Reels

Rocket Reels Paytable

You really should give the Hacksaw Gaming suite of slot machines as much play time as you can, for by checking them all out, even via the demo mode free play versions of each slot, you will soon discover plenty of them you love playing.

If you are on the hunt for a higher than average paying slot, by virtue of its payout percentage and one that does offer plenty of built in bonus games and bonus features then make sure that the Rocket Reels slot is on your list of slots to play for it’s a corker, and just so you know its RTP is high at some 96.30%.

You will find this slot and each of the other ones listed, offer a range of different option settings, so always consider taking a look at them as by activating the ones that appeal to you personally, you are going to have a much more tailored type of slot playing experience and one that I am more than confident that you will enjoy having too.

Stick ‘Em

Stick Em Paytable

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Just got enough time to tell you about another alternative Slot to Alpha Eagle that comes with a very respectable long term expected payout percentage, and that is the Stick ‘Em slot game which has recently been launched online.

Whilst not up there with the highest RTP’s, it has been designed to return to players over their long term play 96.08% of their stakes as winning payouts, so you should get a decent amount of play time if you do decide to give it a whirl.

If you do decide to play this particular slot game then you will be hoping that you trigger its free spins feature round and when you do so ideally you will want to see two or more multipliers spinning in on any winning combinations you form as that is how those huge mega winning payouts can be achieved via that feature round.

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