Slots Like Book of Dead


I am sure that you will have your own personal list of slot machines that you love playing time and time again. One slot I do know many slot players always find time to play and do love playing is the Book of Dead slot.

Therefore in this guide I will be introducing you to some of the many other slot games like book of dead, but if you haven’t played that slot or many of the other similar slots, then allow me to give you a quick insight into what makes it so popular.

The one featured all similar slots shares is a free spins bonus game, which is usually triggered in the standard way, that being by three or more scatter symbols spinning into view via any one single base game spin.

Once awarded, and before the free spins then play off one of the reel symbols is chosen at random, and that symbol becomes an expanding reel symbol for the duration of that bonus feature round.

Therefore, when a player triggers the free spins, and spins in enough of the chosen reel symbols they expand and cover the entire reel in those symbols and will then pay out based on the number of lines in play.

Players are always going to be hopeful of spinning in one of those expanding symbols during the bonus game on each reel, and that way they will be awarded with a screen full of them and will be awarded the maximum possible pay out for that spin, based on which symbol has been chosen.

Below I will now move onto giving you a listing of the best slot games like Book of the Dead, all of which can be played online at various online casino sites.

Top 5 Slots Like Book of Dead Slot

Many different slot game designers have brought out slot machines that are similar to the Book of Dead slot, however below you will find details of the slots that I have played and the ones I can guarantee that you will have plenty of fun in playing too.

However always keep in mind that to win big via the bonus game feature round, you will need everything to fall into place, and sometimes when you do trigger that bonus you can win very little, but that is gambling I suppose.

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Book of Gods
  • Book of Ra
  • Magic Mirror
  • Book of Fortune

As is always the case when playing any type of slot machines, always set yourself some limits before you set about playing and stick to those limits.

Keep in mind also, that as each of the above slots like Book of Dead are available as multi stake slots, then select a staking option that suits your bankroll and of course your very own unique playing style, and remember you can always test drive any of the above slots for free.

Tips for Playing Book of Dead Similar Slots

First of all stay safe at any online casino. The one thing that you need to be aware of when playing slots like Book of Dead, is that they can be quite high variance slots at the best of time.

Therefore, you always need to keep one eye on the stake levels you are playing such slot machines for, play for too high a stake amount compared to your bankroll, and your money may not last very low.

Most of those similar slots to Book or Dead only have a low number of pay lines over the video reels and therefore they are suitable for low stake players, so choose a stake that is going to allow you to get planet of base game spins out of your bankroll is my advice.

Also, do be aware that even though you may trigger the free spins bonus games lots of times during any one single session, there are never going to be any guarantees you will win big from those bonus games.

At the end of the day it will also be down to just how lucky you are, so keep that in mind and do feel free to check out any casino sites that have those sister games on offer.

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