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Omnom Slot

Several slots are like OmNom including Miami Multiplier, Chaos Crew and Mystery Motel, the beauty of those games are that they come with special multipliers that can massively boost the value of any winning combinations that have been spun in.

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The aim of course to playing any slot machine is to walk away a winner, and Hacksaw Gaming who have designed each of the following similar slots to OmNom have built them all around a high payout percentage.

OmNom boasts an All-Pays playing structure so as long as you get at least the minimum number of matching symbols to form a winning combination on adjoining reels, starting on reel one then you are guaranteed to have formed a winning combination.

On each spin you play off a randomly awarded multiplier value comes into play, that can boost the value of winning payouts by up to a whopping 100x their pay table listed values. Plus, a bonus game with extra wild symbols can also be triggered as you are  playing off the base game too.

Some slots that are similar to OmNom are:

  • Miami Multiplier
  • Chaos Crew
  • Mystery Motel
  • Let it Snow
  • Hop n Pop

Miami Multiplier

Miami Multiplier Multipliers

The first slot like OmNom is the Miami Multiplier slot, and when you set about playing that neon looking slot game online you will also be paying a slot that boasts an All-Pays type of playing format and structure.

The secret to walking off with a fortune when playing that slot, however, is that you will need to see multiplier symbols spinning in either via the base game, or preferably via its free spins bonus round.

Whenever one of those multiplier symbols has been spun in via the base game they are all added tother to determine the value all winning combinations will be formed on that spin.

However, when the free spins feature round has been awarded to you on Miami Multiplier, the multipliers that spin in keep on adding to the value of that payout boosting one, and as such getting lots of those symbols appearing can and will see the multipliers grow to some huge amounts.

For reference you are awarded with a total of 15 free spins when that bonus game has been awarded to you, so you do stand a very good chance of seeing those payout boosting symbols spinning in as those free spins are all playing off. Do look out for this game as I suspect you will love playing it online.

Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew Multipliers

There are certainly lots of slots that are like OmNom, and another one that I do feel is well worth adding to your list of slots to play one day soon is the Chaos Crew, which is of course another high action video slot from Hacksaw Gaming.

What makes is a potentially high paying slot however is the fact that Wild Multiplier symbols are in play on each reel, and as such what you will want to see happening as you are spinning its reels is those symbols making an appearance.

Those Wild Multipliers can reveal x5 multipliers and with some of the pay table listed winning payouts already being high in value, they can boost those payouts to some mind blowing amounts of cash with some luck in playing.

The Free Spins bonus game which can be triggered via the base game of even by taking a buy a bonus option is where the mega sized winning payouts can be achieved, and just so you know, the maximum payout that could be awarded to you via that bonus game is an awe-inspiring 10,000x your stake amount, so do think about playing it one day soon is my advice.

Mystery Motel

Mystery Motel Multipliers

What I love about the Mystery Motel slot machine, and I am sure you will do too, is that fact that much like the similar slots to OmNom there is always the very real chance that you could win a mega sized payout, all from a single spin.

The way to do so when playing this slot through is via its Wild Multipliers symbols, what you will see happening when one of those symbols spins in, is that the Wild symbol then displayed a multiplier value of between 2x and 5x, and any winning combinations formed with its help are obviously boosted by that value.

However, get two or more of them forming a winning combination and the multiplier are all multiplied by each other, and that does of course mean the payout potential is huge, and just so you know the maximum multiplier total you could end up being awarded with is a huge 625x your winning payout.

Let it Snow

Let It Snow Multipliers

A wheel spinning bonus game or possibly a set of free spins could be coming your way when you play the Let it Snow slot, and as for which one offers special multipliers, well it is that wheel spinning feature round that does.

Once awarded you could end up spinning its bonus wheel a maximum of 50 times, and on each spin you send into live play of that wheel a multiplier value could be awarded, dependent of course as to which segment of that wheel spins in.

As the multiplier can grow to a huge x250, it is another slot with some mega payout potential for sure.

Hop n Pop

Hop N Pop Multipliers

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The Hop n Pop game is my final slot like OmNom, and when playing it you have to form matching clusters of reel symbols to achieve your winning payouts, so it is a game that will take a little getting used to.

However, what makes it a game worth playing is the fact that the payouts you can achieve can be significantly boosted in value by multiplier symbols that can attach themselves to certain reel positions.

Forming a matching cluster of symbols in which the multiplier is located will see that payout being boosted, however the multipliers can bounce around and land on additional locations and therefore award some much bigger payouts when clusters of reel symbols form covering the multiplier locations.

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