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Reel King

It is true to say that some players do hate a love or hate relationship with certain slots, and that could be said about the Reel King slot, for whilst it has been around for many years now, not all players love giving it some play time when they come across it.

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That slot is available in land-based casinos, at online casinos and many casino apps now have it in their slot game menus too, and as such you are certainly going to come across it no matter where you choose to play.

What I will be presenting to you in the following guide are a range of additional slots that are like Reel King. Since the original slot launched several additional slots in the Reel King series have been also now launched, and as such even if you are not a fan of that original slot, some of the newer versions may just appeal to you.

Also, many casinos offer the following slots as demo mode games alongside the real money versions, so you do always have the option to play it at no risk and for free to see what you may of any of them but without having to risk a single penny to test drive them.

Similar Slots to Reel King

Being multi-stake slot games the similar slots to Reel King are always going to be good slots to play irrespective of whether you are a high rolling slot player or a low rolling penny slot player, and as mentioned you can always play them for free if you prefer doing so.

Here are the slots that make up the current series of Reel King slots which whilst may take some getting used to playing if you haven’t played them before, are always slots that you can rely on to deliver an exciting and some would say an entertaining slot playing session.

  • Reel King Mega
  • Reel King Potty
  • Reel King Megaways
  • 4 Reel King$

Below you will find an insight into just what those four similar slots to the Reel King slot machine listed above have on offer, and keep in mind that they do all offer something unique either via their playing structures or additional features.

Reel King Mega – The team over at the slot game designer Red Tiger Gaming are obviously big fans of the Reel King slot, for they have recently launched their own version of that slot thanks to a licensing agreement with the original company that designed it that for reference being Astra Games.

As to how they have structured their Reel King Mega slot, well it is a five video reel slot on which there are three visible reel symbols in play on all of those five video reels, and it is a 20 pay line slot that offers both low and high staking options too.

However, there is a randomly triggered bonus feature which could see the King suddenly appear and he will start bouncing around the reels when he does so and each reel symbol he touches as he bounces around with then be turned into additional wild symbols.

Reel King Potty – The name of the Reel King Potty could leave you wondering what on Earth the slot is themed and based around, however I am happy to let you know the potty but of that name refers to the fact it is a progressive version of thew original slot.

Therefore if you do give it your best shot there is always going to be the chance that you could win one of the three progressive jackpots attached and on offer on that game, so do add it to your ever-growing lists of slots to at the very least take a closer look at one day soon.

Reel King Megaways – I was quite surprised when the Reel King Megaways slot was launched and went live, for it did not dawn on me that slot would ever get the Megaways makeover, however it has an as such it is another slot to consider playing.

As you would expect when playing that new variant, there is going to be the chance of having a mind-blowing number of ways to win in live play, and the maximum number of ways to win that could come into playing are a whopping 117,649 ways.

4 Reel King$ – There is one additional slot that is like Reel King, and that is the 4 Reel King$ slot, now there is something unique about the extra slot in the series that will either appeal to you or not, and that is the fact that when playing it you are playing four 4 Reel King slots all in the same game.

Keep in mind though that does of course mean you could win four times as quickly as you would playing the original version or conversely you could lose four times as quickly if the reels do not end up spinning your way.

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Tips for Playing Alternatives to the Reel King Slot

The only way that you will know if you will enjoy playing the slots that are like Reel King is to give them a good amount of play time for free initially.

However, if you do find one of more of them is to your liking them remember each of the casinos featured throughout this website that have then on offer will give you access to a range of different welcome bonuses if you are not currently a customer of theirs.

Many of those bonuses will be slot bonuses, so if nothing else, if you do register at those sites and claim their offers and deals you will get a much larger starting bankroll, if you claim their bonuses.

By doing so the bonus credits will give you more ammunition to not only playing the alternative slots to Reel King but any other slot games that may have grabbed your attention too, so do keep that in mind if you want to bag some additional slot playing value.

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