Some Casino Site Operators Can Adjust Game RTP’s

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It has been a question that many casino game players will have had cross their minds at one time or another, and that is whether casino site operators have the ability of adjusting the payout percentages that their games have been designed to return to players.

When searching for the answer to that question, you will probably not get anywhere by asking the support teams or even your casino host at such sites, for when it comes to sensitive information such as the house edges and RTP’s of the games they offer, many operators and their staff will stay very tight lipped.

Playing at casino sites that offer the range of games from NetEnt, Microgaming or Playtech designed casino games will see you never having any worries about the RTPs’ and house edges those designers games have on offer.

In fact, gambling regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission demand that every single game their licensed casino sites have on offer, displays on their pay tables help files or somewhere on the casino sites website, the long term expected RTP’s and house edges they have all been designed around.

However, if you play at casino sites that are never licensed in the UK, such as sites operating the Real Time Gaming range of casino games, you need to be aware that the operators and owners of those casinos do have some control over the house edges and payout percentages their games play and payout, too.

There are usually three options regarding, for example, the RTP’s that operators of RTG powered casinos can choose to set their games at, and games such as Blackjack and video poker can also be offered with different house edges and pay backs too.

But having said that it is worth noting that they cannot alter the games payouts per player, and the casinos that tend to offer the lowest paybacks are doing so, due to the fact they offer players much higher valued bonuses.

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