Some Online Casinos Reducing Their Slot Game RTP’s

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There are often lots of added costs for an online casino when they choose to operate in certain jurisdictions, and one jurisdiction that does force them to pay some very high taxes is the United Kingdom.

Those higher UK gambling duties and taxes and the cost of obtaining a UK Gambling Commission issued gaming licence to operate can be huge, which does present some casinos with problems when they are also operating in other countries of the world, for they are going to have to look at ways of recouping those additional fees and charges.

Sadly, it appears that one way that some online casinos have chosen to claw back those extra costs associated with operating in the UK is by reducing the pay-out percentages and increasing the house edges on many of their casino games.

What is rather unfair though, is that UK based players are going to have access to the same slot machines as players in other countries, but will often find the pay-out percentages much lower than players from other countries.

It used to be the case that some slot machine providers did not allow casino operators to have any control over the pay-out percentages their had been designed to return to players, but those days are long gone.

It should be noted however, that not all casinos have chosen to take that route and as such players that are based in Great Britain should therefore make a point of only ever playing at casino sites that offer the same pay-out percentages on their slot games to players in any country of the world, and those that have their slot games set to the highest possible ones.

The way to discover what the RTP’s on any slot games have been set at when playing at an online casino site is actually not that hard to do, for most casinos now publish the RTP’s of every single game they have on offer on their website or on the individual game help files and pay tables attached to each slot game.

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