Some Retailers Charging Fees for PaySafeCard Vouchers

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Experienced online casino players are often very well versed at funding online casino accounts, and will have preferred deposit and also withdrawal options too.

However, if you are about to gamble online for the very first time, then it certainly pays to learn about the differences between each of the many available payment and withdrawal options you can use to top up your casino account.

We always advise players willing to do so, to use a debit card that is linked up to their bank account, as that way you will instantly be able to top up any casino account using such a card, and can then have your winnings sent back to that bank account with no additional fees or charges.

Credit card issuers have started to charge their customers a cash advance fee when they use their cards to top up any type of gambling site account, and some of them now forbid their customers from using their credit cards for any type of gambling related activities.

Web and E-wallets are another popular payment method used by worldwide gamblers. However, they can, and often do charge some huge fees for moving your money around. Even prepaid debit cards can come with a plethora of additional fees and charges.

PaySafeCard vouchers are a cost effective way for you to top up any gambling site account. You can buy those vouchers from local shops, retail outlets and we have also seen them for sale via vending machines in countries such as Spain.

But be warned, whilst there are never any fees imposed on people who buy those prepaid vouchers from any retail outlet or vending machines, some of the shop owners and vending machine operators have started to charge their own fees, as such always avoid using such a retailer or vending machines, for some of the fees they imposed on their customers are excessive.

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