Starlight Point Edward Casino Remodel Complete

cutting red ribbon

The Starlight Casino has sat like a shining beacon for some 18 years now on the waterfront at Point Edward, however, anybody that did visit that land based casino over a year ago will have noticed it was beginning to show its age.

It was certainly due to the lack of investment by the then owner, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation that did result in it looking like it had seen better days. However, when the OLGC announced they were eager to sell it, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment were only too eager to snap it up.

They have spent the last year completely refurbishing the property and giving it a major overhaul, and the ribbon cutting event the other day marked the end of that revamp. Customers are going to notice a completely different looking venue when they walk through its shiny new front doors.

It took some $26million for that revamp to be completed, but having seen the venue it was certainly money well spent, and has enabled the gaming floor to be increased in size and capacity with some 4 additional gaming tables, taking the total up to 25 and an additional 50 slot machines are now accommodated for on that gaming floor, too.

It is not only the gaming floor that has been completely made over, for there are two new dining facilities available at the property, those being the Match Eatery and The Buffet and a new bar called the Nova Bar has also been installed slap bang in the centre of the gaming floor.

Whilst not what you would call a very busy casino, the Starlight Casino in Point Edward does attract around 1000 customers each day during the summer months, around a third of which are from the US.

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