Stay off the Las Vegas Strip if You Want True Value

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It is of course Las Vegas that all gamblers are going to want to visit at one time or another and a trip to the gambling Mecca of the world is on many people’s bucket lists.

However, when it comes to getting the best value from your gambling bankroll and your vacation budget, you need to think long and hard about where you are not only going to stay when in Vegas, but also were you are going to gamble.

The one most annoying aspect of booking a room or suite in Vegas is that the price you will see quoted on many hotel comparison sites websites do not take into account casino resort fees.

When you book a room, for example, at any casino on the Las Vegas Strip, on top of the base price of that room you will be required to pay the necessary tax, but then something known as a resort fee is added on top per night of your stay.

The resort fee can be, and often is, just as much, if not more than the nightly room fee, and is often hidden away in the small print of such websites. So if you have never visited Vegas before then keep in mind that unless you are prepared to stay off the Strip you are going to be required to pay a resort fee.

Gambling in Vegas is of course what most visitors are eager to do, but once again it is important for you to decide where you plan to gamble when staying there. 

The RTP’s on slot machines and video poker machines are always going to be lower on those machines found in casinos located on the Strip and the house edges on card and table games are also going to be much higher too in those casinos.

Therefore if you do want your gambling bankroll to go much further, consider gambling Downtown or in any of the casinos that are located away from the Strip.

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