Stratosphere Casino Resort Refurbishment Making Steady Progress


There is a huge crew of construction workers currently remodelling the Stratosphere Casino Resort.

However, if you call into the property you would never know, as they are working away behind temporary walls erected in and around the casino that are designed to look like simple internal walls.

A massive $140million is being spent over three years to bring the Stratosphere back to its former glory and also bring it slap bang up to date. However, they have so far been working on the property for the last 8 months and as such some of those changes are very noticeable.

The old American Diner is no more, for it has been completely remodelled and rebranded as the Strat Cafe, and the entire venue, once the refurbishment has been completed will be simply known as The Strat.

A brand new Baccarat area has also been opened, which is popular with players and has of course benefitted from the recent closure of the nearby Lucky Dragon Casino.

One of the most made complaints from guests staying at the Stratosphere has been the long lines to check-in, however just yesterday a new self-check-in area has been opened and guests will now be able to bypass those lines and check themselves into their rooms or suites.

Some other big changes include the removal of the high limit slot area which will be the new home for Starbucks, and the original Sportsbook area will become a microbrewery with a brand new Sportsbook area planned.

Many of the older low budget rooms at the Stratosphere have also been completely remodelled as brand new state of the art “Elevate Rooms” too. One of the problems for the Stratosphere is proving it is a casino on the Strip for many people are of the mind it is a Downtown casino, which looking at its location is a difficult call to make!

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