Students Move Into their New Home the Circus-Circus Casino Reno!

Group of happy friends having fun

The recent massive gas explosion that saw two of Reno’s biggest student residence halls being closed on safety grounds, did pose something of a major problem for University of Nevada Reno officials, and that was where could they now home the 1300 students that would descend on the town for this term.

Well, it was something of an obvious choice, that being to lease a downtown casino hotel tower for one full year, for when it comes to rooms, and lots of them, that was the only real solution to their problem.

The casino chosen and the one that did agree to lease a huge number of their rooms to the University was the Circus-Circus Casino Downtown Reno, and that is going to be the new home for those students for the following year at least.

The location of that property is also ideal for with just an 800 metre to walk to the University Campus there will be no added travel related headaches for students regarding them getting to their studies on time.

Whilst some students, and more so their parents have opted not to agree to be moved into the casino resort, many of them have been more than happy to do so, considering it was recently refurnished and as such each room offers a king size bed, a 40 inch plasma TV and mini-fridges too.

In fact, with onsite security too, it is the type of accommodation many students and of course their parents can only dream of.

As long as those students staying there remember that ultimately they are there to study and not to party night after night, the property is likely to become a firm favourite with many of them, who may not fancy moving back into the University halls of residence once they are deemed to be safe to do so.

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