Suncoast Casino Big Game Bingo Event

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The bingo hall over at Suncoast Casino, Las Vegas, is always popular with locals, and they have a big event planned for the start of the next month that all bingo players should pencil into their diary.

That is their $30,000 Big Game Bingo Event in which players are going to be playing for a whopping 30 x $1000 bingo cash prizes.

It will be on February the 2nd 2019 that bingo players are going to be flocking to the Suncoast Casino to take part in the event, and with a very cost effective $60 entry fee, which not only gives access to each of the thirty $1000 games but includes one 9-on pack and both a dual daub and one dauber too.

In addition to those $1000 cash prizes if any player is lucky enough to call bingo on B7 or any number ending in 7 on games one through 13 or games 16 through 27 they will also receive an additional $500 in winnings too (aggregative payout if more than one player calls bingo).

This is a reservation required event and as such any avid bingo players that fancy taking part in it should contact the casino and book sooner rather than later.

For reference the doors will open at 4:30pm on February the 2nd with the games beginning at 6:30pm, so players will be best advised to get there nice and early and in good time of the event starting to secure the best seats in the bingo hall.  

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