Super Fun 21 Blackjack Bonus Payouts Explained


Due to the simple fact that Blackjack players are going to come across a large array of different variants when playing online, one of the hardest tasks they are faced with initially is deciding on just which game to play.

Take for example the huge suite of such games on offer at casino sites that utilize Microgaming’s range of games, players will find single and multi-hand variants of most of their Blackjack games along with games that will offer a progressive jackpot and some also offer bonus winning payouts.

However, there is often the requirement to have to place a side bet when playing progressive jackpot awarding Blackjack games or when playing those variants offering a range of bonus payouts, but that isn’t the case when playing Super Fun 21 Blackjack.

That game boasts a payout of 2 to 1 if a player gets dealt out a winning Blackjack hand in the suite of Diamonds, and also awards a 2 -1 payout when a player gets dealt out a 21 valued hand using five or six cards, too.

Plus, if a player manages to get dealt out a six card hand with a total value of 20 or less then their hand will automatically beat the dealer’s hand. Those bonus payouts are not available if a player makes a double down on any hand.

Whilst the bonus payouts and additional player beneficial playing rules are attractive to say the least, the only downside of that variant of Blackjack is that its house edge, when the game is played with the very best strategy is just 0.94%, which makes it one of Microgaming’s Blackjack game variants that does come with an above average house edge, so players will always need to keep that in mind.

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