Teenagers Discover a Clever Way of Beating Arcade Machines

Deal Or No Deal Machine Hack

You have to hand it to a couple of teenagers in Australia, for they have certainly discovered a unique little hack for playing a skill based arcade machine.

The game in question is based on the classic TV game show Deal or No Deal, but instead of answering questions, players of that machine simply have to watch the arcade machines screen and try and predict where the highest valued case is located.

The gaming machine is classed as a skill based one and as such the cases are shuffled in such a way that if you can keep track of them as they twirl around the screen, then you will win the contents of the case you select, and in the case of the Deal or No Deal arcade game players win tickets which can then be exchanged for prizes.

However, what the tech savvy pair of teenagers did was simply film the cases being shuffled on their iPhones, and then played back the footage in slow motion, which in turn then allowed them to accurately predict which case has the most tickets inside it.

This has the one of the most unusual ways that an iPhone can be used, but it was certainly one that enabled the youngsters to bag a huge number of tickets and redeem them for a valuable prize, when pulling the hack several times in a row.

But this does pose a question for fruit and slot machine players, for many of those types of gaming machines also offer a similar type of skill bonus game or bonus feature, and as such with the aid of an iPhone those players could, instead of being guaranteed of winning the maximum number of tickets, win a high valued cash jackpot instead, when playing gaming machines with a similar type of bonus game.

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