Tesla Car Runs Over Humanoid Robot in Las Vegas


The CES is about to start over in Las Vegas, and that is one of the busiest conferences in the state which attracts people from all over the world who have an interest in all types of consumer technologies.

Obviously in the days before the conference starts, the exhibitors are very busy getting their booths set up for the show. However, in what has to be one of the more unusual stories to come out of Vegas in the last few months, if not the funniest, a humanoid robot being taken to the Las Vegas Convention Centre was “knocked over and killed” by a Tesla vehicle.

Video footage has emerged online showing the robot moving up Paradise Road on Sunday night, however as it did so a passing Tesla Model S vehicle which was being driven in its autonomous mode can be see sideswiping said robot, knocking it over and as the owners have said “killing it”.

Now, many people are actually stating that it is some kind of weird and wonderful publicity stunt, for the positioning of the camera that filmed said accident did happen to catch the entire incident on film, but it’s fair to say that any publicity before the CES is always good publicity, even if it involves the death of a robot.

The robot itself is actually owned by Promobot, a company that specializes in renting out those robots for around $2000 per day, and they have gone on to say that the robot damaged is likely to be beyond economic repair.

So if it was a publicity stunt it was one of the more expensive ones in the run up to the CES.

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