The Cosmopolitan Casino Amends its Pay to Park Policy

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The number of casinos up and down the Las Vegas Strip that force their customers to pay to park their vehicles on their properties has always been high. 

However, the Cosmopolitan Casino will be amending their pay to park policy on the first day of 2019, and whilst that will be welcome news to many of their customers, it may not be such good news for their hotel guests.

Anyone that is staying at the hotel at the Cosmopolitan will have access to free self and valet parking services at that resort, which does sound all well and good considering guests had been forced to pay $10 per day to park their cars and a whopping $18 per day for valet parking.

However, to offset those already ridiculously high parking charges in Vegas and to give hotel guests free parking facilities, the Cosmopolitan is increasing its resort fee up to $39 per night from the current rate of $35 per night.

It is fair to say that a large percentage of the guests of any casino resort may not have a vehicle with them, so they are having to pay extra for their resort fees and will be getting nothing extra for that increased cost of them.

There will however, still be a parking fee in place for visitors to the casino who are not staying in the hotel, and that fee is $7 for up to four hours and $10 for each 24 hour period parked.

The Cosmopolitan is not the only Strip based resort that has chosen to amend their parking fee structures, for over at the Wynn they recently decided that anybody visiting either the Wynn or Encore could park for free if they have spent at least $50 gambling, eating and drinking or shopping in either of those two properties.

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