The Deuce Bus is Still the Best Way to Get around Vegas

Vegas Showtime

Visitors to Las Vegas who have opted not to take their vehicles do have plenty of different ways available to them to get around town.

With the advent of low cost taxi hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft many of those visitors will opt to make use of the low cost fairs offered by those apps, whilst some visitors will be eager to make use of the Monorail too.

Whilst at this time of the year the temperature in Vegas is cool enough to allow people to walk about up and down the Strip with no real problem, there is always the reliable Deuce Bus service that is an ever popular mode of transport.

The Deuce Bus offers visitors a service which starts in the Downtown area of Vegas and will then transport them right up to the Southern tip of the Strip, with the final stop being Mandalay Bay Casino resort, and it is a very cost effective way of getting about, too.

With buses scheduled to arrive at each stop around every 15 to 20 minutes, there will always be a bus due and the cost of the tickets for using the service are very reasonable too.

A two hour pass giving travellers an unlimited number of rides within a two hour period costs just $6, however there is also the option of purchase a 24 hour pass for just $2 extra.

The best valued Deuce Bus ticket though, is the 3 day pass which gives visitors to Vegas an unlimited number of rides for a full 72 hours, and the cost of that ticket is just $20.

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