The Green Shoots of Recovery for Atlantic City Casinos

atlantic city skyline

It is true and fair to say that the land based casino and gambling industry, in general, in Atlantic City, has been going through some very torrid times recently.

However, if the monthly gambling figures released by the Division of Gaming Enforcement are anything to go by, Atlantic City is well on the way to recovery, with income is up across the board and the many gamblers that visit the area are certainly warmly embracing the new sports betting services offered there, too.

The gaming income for November 2018 was up a whopping 20% on last year’s figures, and that is an impressive jump in revenue, and one many casino operators are hoping will continue month on month moving forward.

Gambling is, of course, one of the main industries in Atlantic City, with income generated in November 2017 having been $206.4 million those casino operators were celebrating collectively with the increase in those figures in November 2018 bringing that total to some $247.65 million.

With casino closures having been very prominent in Atlantic City over the last few years, the nine casinos that now operate are certainly seeing the results of their commitment to the area.

But it has to be thanks to the new laws surrounding sports betting that is part and parcel of the increase in gambling income reported in Atlantic City last month, for all land based casinos have been scrambling to get a sports betting license to allow them to accept sports bets from their customers.

Looking back over the gaming income generated for the so far 11 months of this year and comparing it to the same 11 month period of 2017, the income generated from gambling activities in Atlantic City has increase by an impressive 6.5%, so it does finally look like things are taking a turn for the better.

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