The Lottery Mysteries that May Be Solved in 2019

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2019 begins with some massive lottery jackpots to be won. Who wouldn’t want to win a £115m EuroMillions or $415m Mega Millions jackpot on New Year’s Day. 2018 proved to be a year full of big wins and a fair share of controversies too, some of which still need to be resolved in 2019.

Who could ever forget the month of October when the Mega Millions jackpot just kept climbing and climbing? By October 23 when the $1.6bn jackpot (the largest in US lottery history) was finally won, it was total chaos. Players from states that didn’t play the game were travelling long distances in the hope of winning the historic jackpot. In the end, a ticket in South Carolina won the top prize and perhaps in 2019, it might even get claimed!

$6.1m Lottery Dispute

Every year there seems to be some disputes over lottery wins. Some are worked out in a matter of weeks, others drag on and on. In Canada, September saw a $6.1m Lotto 6/49 jackpot won and there’s still an ongoing dispute over the win. Maurice Thibeault claimed the big win which didn’t exactly please his now ex-partner Denise Robertson. She wondered why he was doing 15 loads of laundry, but all was revealed when he left her the following day. Half of the win has been held by the court as the dispute continues

No Holiday for this Lottery Winner

In Australia, 2018 saw the mystery of Reginald Roberts. April saw him win a $973,320 lottery prize but he didn’t go out and start spending his winnings. Well he couldn’t you see because at the time he was a bankrupt Hell’s Angels associate in jail awaiting trial on drugs charges. The winnings went into his account but were transferred soon after. Another mystery that may or may not be solved in 2019.

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