Three US States Permit Mobile Betting Apps

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Whilst any US State that is happy to allow sports betting in their locally licensed land based casinos are permitted to grant permission for those venues to do so, as far as mobile betting apps go, there had been, up until very recently a monopoly on them being available.

It was only licensed sportsbooks based in New Jersey and Nevada that could offer their customers a mobile betting app on which they could place all manner of bets and wagers, however a third US State has now joined them.

It is West Virginia that has been the third US State to allow locally licensed sportsbooks, of which there are five of them to offer their own betting apps, and as such anybody who does fancy placing a bet within the state boundaries, as long as they are over the age of 21 and have downloaded the app, registered to use any of them and make a deposit, can then go on to do so.

One app that has only just gone live is the Bet Lucky App which is the official betting app of both the Wheeling Island and Mardi Gras Casino that are owned by Delaware North.

Those two West Virginia casinos have also only just opened their own land based sportsbooks in their respective casinos, and are hoping that customers will not only flock to their properties to place a bet but will be very eager to bet on their new app too. 

It is probably due to the fact that research has shown that when it comes to placing sports bets, people living in the US would prefer doing so from their mobile devices via an app, and it would appear that of the many people questioned about placing a bet, 75% of them show a preference for betting via a betting app.

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