Tiverton a Town Grateful for its Casino Revenue Streams

Tiverton Amendment Number 10

Voters in Tiverton go to the polls on November the 6th of this year to have their say as to how casino revenue streams the town receives are allocated and used.

By voting to have the gaming revenue used to pay down debt and using it to fund infrastructure projects rather than simply being allocated to the towns spending budget, it will be over the long term that the town will benefit rather than just short term projects, which have no real financial impact on the town.

So, if you are a resident of Tiverton then you should be making the effort to get out there and vote on amendment number 10, and all voters are being urged to do just that.

It has sadly been proven in many other towns and cities across the US that gambling revenue is often wasted on projects that have been found to give no real benefit to residents, and that income has often been wasted.

Tiverton does actually benefit from some large amounts of cash filling the town’s coffers, the newly opened Tiverton Casino Hotel for example has swelled the town’s coffers with a huge $148,171 from just Septembers cut of the income generated on the slot machines, along with a respectable $19,001 from the table game revenue that is given to the town.

As it stands though, currently all gambling revenue the town receives is allocated to a general fund and that is something many commentators are demanding changes on, for if such income is instead used to play down debt it will allow the town to eventually and hopefully become debt free, so if you are a resident in Tiverton do consider getting out to vote on Amendment number 10 this November.

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