Too Little Too Late for UK Gambling Addicts?

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Not a day goes by without gambling being in the headlines. There will be stories aplenty today and lots more on their way tomorrow. Moves are being made to help UK gambling addicts but is it not a situation the government helped create in the first place?

The Conservative Government may have Brexit continually on its mind (and there’s lots of betting odds available on that) but there are plenty more issues that need their attention and gambling is one of them.

More Help on the Way

Gambling is becoming a serious subject due to its addictive nature but we’ve always known that’s the case. UK Prime Minister (at time of writing) Theresa May is doing her best to boost spending on the NHS and gambling is now being closely linked to mental health.

More NHS facilities that can give help to those with gambling addictions are to be opened. But trouble could lie ahead when cash is aimed in this direction. Labour are calling for the gambling companies to accept responsibility and make some contributions towards the cost of new facilities.

Why should that be the case though when you don’t see cigarette companies making contributions towards cancer wards. Nor are we seeing McDonalds and KFC funding NHS services helping people with obesity.

A Government Created Problem?

Regardless of who’s going to pay for the treatment,  it’s a situation partly caused by UK governments that began with the extended hours for bookmakers. The present government is dragging its feet on reducing the amount that can be staked on the terminals in bookmakers shops and the mass of gambling adverts on television and radio. What does it say when a Liverpool radio phone-in discussed the problems of underage gambling, yet played several gambling advertisements!

Moves are being made to reduce the numbers shown but it’s the gambling industry itself that is taking the action, not the government who need to spend more time looking at this situation.

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