Triple 7’s Progressive Blackjack Has Lost Its Sparkle


Taking a step back in time to 2008, Microgaming were one of the leading online casino game designers. There were numerous online casino sites using their gaming platforms and their range of games, and their progressive games of which they have plenty of them, were the most played ones online too.

However, their reign as the number one casino software and game company is sadly now over, for you only have to look at the numbers of casinos that utilize the gaming suites and software platforms from companies like Playtech and NetEnt to see they do face some very stiff competition.

In fact, one way that you can see just how unpopular their range of progressive games now are, is to look at just how many jackpots were won on some of them a decade ago, and then compare them to how many jackpots have been won in recent years.

Take their once popular Triple 7’s progressive Blackjack game, in 2008 that game awarded a total of six progressive jackpots to lucky players, but in 2009, 2010 and 2011, admittedly after the financial crash the number of jackpots won by players dropped down to two in each of those years.

In 2012 just one player won a progressive jackpot on that game, and no one won one at all the following year in 2013! Two players did win its jackpot in 2014 and 2015, but that figure dropped down to just one in 2016 and no one won again until 2018.

Whilst such games are completely random of course, it is the number of players playing such games that feed the jackpot pool, and the more players playing such a game will often see the jackpots being won much more regularly too, and as such Triple 7’s Blackjack does look like it is a fairly friendless game these days.

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