Turtle Creek Casino to Distribute Bad Beat Jackpot in March

happy businessman with heap of money

It was decided some time ago that the poker room inside the Turtle Creek Casino was to close, and a definitive date for the closure of that poker room has now been announced, with the last hands of poker being played on the 31st of March.

However, there is one aspect of that poker room’s closure which is going to be of great interest to avid poker players, and that is the casino is legally obliged to ensure the bad beat progressive jackpot is given away before the closure of the venue.

As such, what they have chosen to do to ensure they abide with the gambling license is to give away that bad beat jackpot, which believe it or not, is currently valued at close to $300,000 via a series of cash ring games.

Those cash ring games are going to be played from the 3rd of March right through until the 30th of March 2019, and that is guaranteed to ensure the last remaining days of the poker room are going to be filled with players, all eager to win a share of the jackpot.

The way in which is it going to be distributed is by a share of the jackpot being split up in equal amounts during March and the players that are dealt out and end up with the worst bad beat hands of the day winning a share of the cash.

Players will not have to be in the poker room at the end of each day when the cash prizes are allocated, but they are going to have to claim any cash awards they have been awarded before 2pm on March the 31st 2019.

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