Two Video Poker Jackpots About to Hit!

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Many of you will have started your Christmas Break and may find you have plenty of spare time on your hands over the next week, and possibly right up to the New Year too.

If you are a fan of playing video poker, then there are currently two progressive jackpot video poker games that should be be worth getting stuck into playing if you do fancy playing some video poker right now.

Those games include the SupaJax video poker game that is available at casino sites offering Microgaming’s range of award winning casino games. 

The main reason that it may be worth playing is that on average its progressive jackpot is awarded to players when it is around the £50,603 mark, however it hasn’t been won for over 64 days now and its jackpot has been steadily growing over each of those days to the point at which it is now valued at over £60,739.

In fact, there is another video poker game from Microgaming that has an overdue progressive jackpot attached to it and that is their Jackpot Deuces video poker game. The current value of the jackpot is over £37,215 and due to the fact it is won on average when it is valued at around the £36,375 mark, you can see why it is a game that may be worth playing now.

Keep in mind that the value of those two progressive video poker games could be lower when you check them out, and if so that indicates they have just been won. 

Also, when playing either of those two Microgaming designed progressive video poker game you do have to play them for maximum stakes to have any chance of winning their respective progressive jackpots.

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