UK Gambling Commission Taking Responsible Gambling Seriously

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It has always been the case that it is the Gaming Commission or Gaming Authority which checks that individual casino sites are run to the highest of industry standards, and sadly some of those licensing authorities tend not to have teeth.

One gambling license issuer that has taken a no nonsense approach to licensing online casinos that are based in, or offer their services to British players is the UK Gambling Commission. They have always been very robust regarding the way they expect their license holders to behave and operate their respective casino sites.

Recently it has come to their attention that some casino sites are targeting players that have requested to be self-excluded with ongoing promotional emails and text messages promoting other casinos owned by the same group, and that is something that they are not prepared to put up with.

Therefore, they have been actively fining gambling related companies that target players with ongoing promotional offers, if those players have self-excluded themselves from their casino site. Leo Vegas have been hit with a huge fine recently for doing just that.

The UK Gambling Commission has also been working closely with the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK and are checking out all promotional material, whether that be banners found on websites or radio and TV adverts. Any advertisements appearing in newspapers and magazines are also being checked to ensure that they adhere to very strict rules regarding promoting casinos and other gambling sites.

Any license holder that falls foul of any of the rules and regulations laid down by either of those two agencies is liable for some huge fines and also risk having their gambling license revoked.

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