Unlock and Reveal Promotion Proving Popular at the Cosmopolitan

Key to success

It is, of course, at this time of the year that all Vegas casinos lay on for their guests some extra special and often some overly generous promotional offers.

Well, until the 31st of January 2019 visitors to the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas are going to be able to take part in their Unlock and Reveal promotion, which is proving to be very popular with their players.

All that is required to take part in that promotional offer is for players to insert and use their Identity Card, that being the players card for the Cosmopolitan when playing any of the huge array of slot and video poker machines, and by earning points they are then awarded key cards to scratch, each of which is a guaranteed winning card.

There are four tiers of that comp club, and those who are on the Velvet tier need to earn just 1000 points to be awarded key card, which will have a price of between $5 and $500 attached to it.

Sterling Tier players who earn 5000 point swill be awarded a key card on which they are guaranteed to win a prize worth between $25 and $2,500, Golf Tier members who earn 25000 points will be awarded a key card which will have a value of between $125 and $12,500 attached to it.

The top tier card holders, those with the Cosmopolitan Platinum card that earn 100,000 will be awarded a key card that once scratched will guarantee then a prize of between $450 and $25,000.

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