Vegas Gearing Up For the New Year

vegas new year

Staying in Vegas in the run up to the New Year is a strange experience, for it is one of the quietest times of the year for the gambling centre of the world, and the lack of people and the slightly lower temperature can take some getting used to.

However, all that will change on New Year’s Eve when millions of people will begin to descend on Vegas, and the place starts to come alive again.

As is standard, this year the Las Vegas Strip will be cordoned off at both ends and at all intersections, and the once busy road that goes through the heart of Vegas will become a pedestrian only area.

All Vegas casinos are planning their own events to welcome in 2019 and on the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December, the usual array of in unison fireworks are let off from atop of several casino resorts, with the Stratosphere Casino being the most impressive display of all.

The only downside of being in Vegas on New Year’s Eve is that you are forced to pay a small fortune to get into any of the clubs and casinos, all of which will be holding their own parties and celebrations, however it is a once in a year event so it can be worth splashing the cash.

In fact, the atmosphere on the Strip is electric and the lack of vehicles does make for an unusual atmosphere, but one that everybody should try and experience at least once in their lifetime.

Then as sure as night follows day on the 2nd of January the crowds will all make their way to the airport and vanish back to whence they came. Then follows a couple of quiet months yet again for the Vegas scene until the temperature begins to heat up again.

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