Virtual Grand National Raises £2.6 Million for the NHS

Race horses with jockeys on the home straight

The Grand National is the biggest and most popular horse race in the UK racing calendar, and each year a fortune is wagered on that race by most adults in Great Britain and beyond.

However, like most other sporting events currently it had been abandoned this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic which meant punters were unable to have their usual bets and wagers on that race, and groups of avid punters could not hold their annual sweepstakes on it either.

For the last few years however, Inspired Gaming over in the UK has been running a virtual Grand National race using a computer to determine the result of that cyber version of the race, and this year they did so again.

With punters unable to place a bet on the real Grand National however, that race did attract a lot of attention, and ITV one of the biggest independent TV channels in the UK decided to show that race on TV when the real Grand National would have been run.

Bookies across Great Britain also decided to let punters place bets on that race via their online and mobile betting sites and apps, which was handy as all physical land based betting shops in the UK are currently closed on the order of the Government due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Those bookies that did offer odds on that race also collectively decided that all profits made from the race would be donated  to the NHS which is the National Health Service in Great Britain which has been somewhat overwhelmed by the number of patients suffering from Covid 19.

It has just been announced that the profits from the Virtual Grand National were some £2.6 million, which has already made its way to the NHS.

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